Main stream media is going to end my career before it begins

When I was younger, my father would always acknowledge my passion for reading, writing, and figuring out the truth. We used to have an ongoing joke: he would tell me I should be a lawyer and I would respond with “I’m not a good enough liar.”

Reflecting back on my life so far, I’ve always known deep down that journalism was my passion, I just didn’t realize it until recently. I have a passion for truth, justice, and the constitution – wow, no wonder my dad thought lawyer. Now, when I turn on a mainstream media network—it doesn’t matter which one, I’ve viewed them all—I can only bear to listen for about 10 minutes before I find myself thinking “this is complete crap. I’ll find out what’s going on myself.”

Maybe growing up in a generation used to instant gratification is to blame for my impatience with the media, but I don’t believe that’s quite the truth. When I get frustrated with MSM, I tend to go to Google and just read. I read everything from the New York Times to the Daily Wire. I read these different publications and discover the real questions that need to be asked. The real issue with this is the MSM doesn’t tend to ask these questions.

There is a strict narrative being pushed in the media right now: conservatives are all evil, liberals are all humanitarians. Please name me one topic the MSM has brought up in the past year that doesn’t fit this narrative. Even Fox News often covers stories that are almost completely unbelievable or leave out major points in an argument. MSM has become the Wikipedia of television – a good place to start.

As a young person who is just getting my foot in the door for my career as a journalist, I have serious concerns about the “fake news” epidemic. If I, as an aspiring journalist, cannot sit through more than 10 minutes of the manure spit out by these major networks, how can I expect a person who doesn’t care all that much about it to support this profession?  If someone has had a stressful day at work and just wants to catch up on what is happening in the world while they eat dinner, only to turn the tv on to someone shaking a finger in their face and saying they’re immoral if they don’t want to pay higher taxes for other people’s healthcare, they’re going to turn it right back off.

Mainstream media is destroying the journalism profession by giving the profession a reputation of being people disconnected from their viewers and spewing a propaganda many people just don’t give two cents about. President Trump does enjoy to throw the phrase “fake news” around, but can people truly blame him when these “journalists” prove him right?

Coming from someone who aspires to get the truth out into the world and help people discover what is really going on, I ask the mainstream media to please just stop. Stop trying to claim a nonbiased standpoint. Stop trying to increase ratings with controversy. Most importantly, stop screwing up the profession’s reputation for the next generation.

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5 Absurd Texas Gun Restrictions

Recently I’ve been more adamant about getting my License to Carry as soon as possible for self-defense. I’m a young, female, college student aware of the possibility of getting assaulted on or near campus, and I want to exercise my right to the Second Amendment. Being from Texas, I started to look into how I may get my LTC and was quite disappointed to discover I can’t get one in my state until I’m 21. I’ve created the following list of reasons why this is absolutely absurd because I believe others may share my frustrations.

  1. At 18 years old, people may enlist in the military but, in the state of Texas, they cannot buy a pistol.
  2. I can walk into a gun shop and buy an AR15, but I cannot buy a pistol.
  3. A long-barrel gun may be carried publicly, as long as it is “not calculated to cause harm” but pistols and revolvers had to be concealed until January 1, 2016.
  4. The only fee you have to pay for a long-barrel gun is the price of the gun itself and any ammunition, yet there are fees for the class you must take to apply for your LTC and for the application to obtain the LTC.
  5. When I am old enough to obtain my LTC, if I wish to continue to follow the law, I must get it renewed at an additional cost every 5 years. Again, there is no such restriction on long-barrel guns.

Don’t get my wrong, I am not against the restrictions (or lack thereof) on long-barrel guns. I am also not against making sure people take an education course before obtaining a firearm. However, I sincerely believe that a pistol or a revolver should be something that can be legally obtained at 18 years old, as it is in many other states. If I can legally enlist in the military and carry an AR15, doesn’t it only make sense that I should be able to carry a small gun in my purse that I am well educated on how to use in order to defend myself? Shouldn’t it also be something that is easily affordable, considering it’s one of the rights outlined in our constitution? I think so too. Come on Texas, step up your game.

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What is a Conservatarian

I was hit with the idea of “Conservatarian” during my attendance at Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit on June 15, 2017. Ben Shapiro is a role model of mine, so naturally, I paid close attention to what he had to say during his appearance at the event. Shapiro spoke about an ideal political party – basically Libertarian and Conservative merged. Conservatarian. I would consider this to sum up my political beliefs quite well. I am Libertarian on social issues (except on the topic of abortion – I am pro-life), but economically I am conservative. The idea of merging these two just made sense for me, and I am sure there are many others in the world who can relate to this as well. I created this blog as a chance to share my opinion on current events from a Conservatarian standpoint.

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